If you don’t have Masai Mara on your itinerary yet, here are things you need to know that might change your mind. The flora and fauna is in abundance in the Masai Mara Reserve, from elephant and buffalo, to hippos and crocodiles; lion and leopard, to birds and wildebeest – you’re going to see the best Africa has to offer. You will get to meet the locals. One of the world’s most fascinating tribes, the Masai people are extremely friendly and you’ll have the opportunity to explore their mud and stick manyattas (homes) and introduced to their traditions which have continued for thousands of years. The Masai Mara is one of the ideal vantage points for viewing the Great Migration.One of the most popular is the Mara Bushtops in Kenya, which is where you will stay if you decide to go on EHabla Travel Agents Great Migration and Masai Mara tour!


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